Sauna in Rivne

Unforgettable sauna complex for your health.

Sauna hotel-restaurant complex «Sofia» is made in a modern and yet traditional style. It consists of a swimming pool, steam room, Turkish bath and a spacious and yet cozy lounges.

Design space in front of the pair developed as caves, giving his ekstsentryzmu and mystery. Pool with colored lighting and geyser appropriate complementary atmosphere of relaxation.

Unlike the classic Russian parnoyituretska bath (hamam) have slightly different features. The main difference is that here is dominated by high humidity and the temperature is over 55 degrees. This type of bath pidhodyttym who are not able to withstand temperatures of 100 degrees. Our laznyana povnyuyetsya essential oils that promotes relaxation, followed by a very pleasant cool off in the pool with a jacuzzi. Besides moisturizing effect makes hammam useful for hair.

According to many doctors hammam good for health promotion. Very gently, cleanses and moisturizes the skin, is effective for the prevention of various zahoryuvan.

Sauna — a useful form of relaxation that allows you to relax and forget about home care and give your body moments of pleasure. That is why we invite you to visit now leisure complex, because the comfort of our guests — the most important thing for us

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