Restaurants in Rivne

Hotel «Sophia» — a hotel-restaurant complex, located on the outskirts of the city on the route Rivne Rivne-Chop  in the village of Great Omeljan. Hotel traditionally performed in Ukrainian style, and the hotel restaurant tasty treats Exactly national and European cuisine, grilled dishes. This culinary diversity and natural beauty, greenery and clean fresh air contribute to a pleasant rest and pastime.

The hotel's restaurant «Sofia» is selected for different events:

  • Maslenitsa,
  • March 8,
  • New Year corporate,
  • Christmas and other holidays.

I am pleased to spend at this restaurant and wedding Exactly. Why did so in demand in the hotel restaurant «Sofia»?

Holding weddings in Rivne we Summit!

Exactly numerous restaurants are very popular for different celebrations, including weddings. Of course, do not remain on the sidelines and clubs Exactly, especially for non-traditional and VIP events. But «fingering» restaurants in Rivne, many prefer a restaurant in the hotel «Sofia». Its popularity lies in the national spirit. Ukrainian motifs in music, and even the interior of the service — and this is a definite feature of this exotic restaurant. Also, if you need to spend in Rivne conference, come — you will not regret!

Weddings in Rivne in the hotel restaurant «Sofia» — it's always:

  • The original concept of the festival,
  • account all the wishes of the client,
  • preparing a special festive menu.

The chef will offer you a rich menu created and the staff — serving original banquet tables and high level of service. With exquisite interiors, executed in the Ukrainian style, picturesque panorama of nature, as well as the best pool in Rivne — you can spend a perfect and happy holiday.


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